World Nuclear Association provides trustworthy, comprehensive and easily accessible information on nuclear power via its Information Library, which serves as the world's baseload nuclear information source, and via World Nuclear News, the leading online news service on developments related to nuclear power.

Being the only international industry organisation with a global mandate to communicate about nuclear energy, the Association holds a unique place to share and advance best practices and common messages globally, working alongside other organisations. It represents the nuclear industry’s interests where the energy debate is taking place, and reaches out to key stakeholders that have an impact on energy issues, including international organisations and the media. Read our latest press statements and briefings here.

Face-to-face communication is fundamental to business and the Association also acts as a global forum and business meeting place for leaders and specialists in the nuclear industry. It runs its own events, including the World Nuclear Association Symposium in September in London, which is the place where the leaders of the industry meet every year. It also co-hosts and partners other conferences to reach out to various regions, organisations and people worldwide. 

World Nuclear Association launched a campaign highlighting a range of ways in which nuclear energy is helping to protect people and our planet. Our first animation shows how nuclear is an important part of the solution to fight climate change. Visit the Nuclear Footprints website and sign our declaration.

Nuclear Footprints


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