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The Silent Giant: the need for nuclear in a clean energy system

In a world centred on short-term fixes, many of the traits that make nuclear energy a key player in the transition to a sustainable world are often taken for granted.

Building a stronger tomorrow: nuclear power in the post-pandemic world

Nuclear energy can play a central role in post-COVID recovery efforts by boosting economic growth in the short-term, whilst also supporting, in a cost-effective manner, the development of a low-carbon, resilient and affordable electricity infrastructure.

The need for large and small nuclear, today and tomorrow

Small modular reactors can complement large reactors by opening new markets and applications for nuclear energy – be it process heat, hydrogen production, or electricity generation for small or remote grids.

Recalibrating risk: putting nuclear risk in context and perspective

In order to fully unlock the potential of the atom, it is crucial that the gap between perceived and actual risks is addressed.