Technical position papers

Key industry issues.

Best Practice in Uranium Mining

This document sets out principles for the management of radiation, health and safety, waste and the environment applicable to sites throughout the world.

Cooling of Power Plants

While cooling is clearly an essential factor in the siting of individual nuclear plants, this is readily manageable and constitutes no constraint on the future growth of nuclear power as a large-scale low-cost provider of clean energy.

Employment in the Nuclear and Wind Electricity Generating Sectors

This World Nuclear Association technical position paper focuses on the job opportunities created by nuclear power plants. A comparison with another major source of low-carbon electricity – wind – is given to gauge the relative advantages of nuclear in this area.

How is used nuclear fuel managed?

Used nuclear fuel is responsibly managed to protect people and the environment, using well-established and proven industrial methods and technologies.

Managing Low Dose Radiation Exposure

The area of low dose radiation covers all public planned exposure as well as the overwhelming majority of occupational exposure.

Safe Decommissioning of Civil Nuclear Industry Sites

This Position Statement presents the nuclear industry's perspective and policy on the important subject of decommissioning of civil nuclear industry sites.

The Enduring Value of Nuclear Energy Assets

This technical position describes the benefits of long-term operation (LTO) of nuclear power plants, and the main considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure the longevity of nuclear operations in the years ahead.

The Need for a Robust Basis for Changes to Radiological Protection Recommendations

Statement on the need for a robust basis for changes to radiological protection recommendations.