World Nuclear Performance Report 2022

The World Nuclear Performance Report 2022 edition provides an up-to-date picture of the nuclear power sector, both for generation of electricity from reactors in operation today, and reactors currently under construction.


Available to download in full, key highlights from the report are presented below.

The report is also available in Chinese, translated in cooperation with the China Institute of Nuclear Industry Strategy (CINIS).

You can also read the press release or watch the launch video, with an introduction by Sama Bilbao y León, Director General, World Nuclear Association, and a presentation of key results from the report's author, Jonathan Cobb.

Key highlights from the World Nuclear Performance Report


Opening remarks from our Director General, Sama Bilbao y León.

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Global Nuclear Industry Performance

An overview of key global results, with high resolution images.

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Director General Conclusions

Every additional megawatt-hour of nuclear generation helps in the fight against climate change and every reactor helps provide secure and reliable electricity.

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Case Studies

Interviews with some of the people leading developments on reactor construction and generation.

Constructing a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor

HTRs have great potential to help the world to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors, but some areas still need to be fully addressed if they are to be broadly deployed

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Barakah: a powerhouse for the UAE’s sustainable development

The now multi-unit operating plant is leading the largest decarbonization of any industry in the Arab World.

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Hinkley Point C: Build and Repeat

Now that EPR reactors have started up, we can gain experience in every aspect of the project, from construction to commissioning and operation.

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Designing and building the first land-based SMR

The construction of ACP100 nuclear power units can form the basis for green development in this pilot zone and contribute to achieving Hainan’s clean development goals.

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