The World Nuclear Supply Chain: Outlook 2040

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The 2020 edition of The World Nuclear Supply Chain provides a market-oriented review of the opportunities and challenges for nuclear power plants and their supply chain, including scenarios for the evolution of nuclear energy over the next two decades. Information on 400 major independent suppliers of nuclear grade structures, systems, components and services is presented. The report offers an up-to-date picture of ongoing and planned nuclear power plant construction, major refurbishment, decommissioning and waste management projects. The potential opportunities for small modular reactors are analysed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged a debate around the desirability of complex and lengthy supply chains and their vulnerability to disruption. An international supply chain can nonetheless offer customers greater security of supply due to the larger number and wider geographical spread of suppliers. The report examines the degree of competition in supply chains and makes the case for maintaining an open trading system.

The opportunities and challenges presented by technological advances, including digitalisation, are also covered.  



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