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Nuclear Fuel Report: Global Scenarios 2021-2040

Published in September 2021, the 20th edition of the World Nuclear Association's biennial report on the outlook for nuclear power and nuclear fuels, which has become the accepted reference of the world industry.

World Nuclear Supply Chain: Outlook 2040

This World Nuclear Association report, published in September 2020, examines the international supply chain for nuclear new build and the challenges and opportunities for the sector. The opportunities and challenges presented by technological advances, including digitalisation, are also covered. 

The Nuclear Fuel Report Expanded Summary

World Nuclear Association has published reports on nuclear fuel supply and demand at roughly two-yearly intervals since 1975. The 20th edition was released in September 2021. This Expanded Summary of The Nuclear Fuel Report covers the key findings of 20th edition, and explains the methodology and the assumptions underlying the report’s three scenarios for future nuclear fuel demand and supply. 

World Nuclear Performance Report 2022

The World Nuclear Performance Report 2022 edition provides an up-to-date picture of the nuclear power sector and how it is performing, including CO2 avoidance.